Review: Variant Play Arts Kai – Batman Timeless – Wild West

Square Enix released a new Variant series in their Play Arts Kai line called Batman: Timeless featuring various renditions of the Dark Knight across alternate timelines. First shown to the public at New York Comic Con 2014, the caped crusader was presented as a Wild West vigilante, a Spartan defender, a Medieval knight and even a Steampunk Victorian hero.

Below are pictures taken from the internet of the NYCC 2014 display. Credits go to Square Enix NA, Toychestnews, Taghobby and

When I first saw the photos on the web, I was astounded by the level of detail so I told myself to collect the Variant Timeless line even if there wasn’t any story that went with it, unlike the Arkham games or the Dark Knight movies. As soon as the opportunity to pre-order the “first of batch” Wild West presented itself, I didn’t hesitate, since I didn’t want to risk not getting any stock upon release. True enough, upon launch of the product, it was very hard for walk-ins to get one. Because of this, I advise that if you find a PAK figure you really like, always, always pre-order. Some stores even have freebies or discounts for the ones who do.

…when the opportunity to pre-order Wild West came, I didn’t hesitate to approach one of our local toy stores, as I didn’t want to risk not getting any stock upon release.

Anyway, on to the review!

The figure is packaged in a glossy box with beautiful artwork of the Wild West Batman on the front. On the upper left side is the classic bat symbol, just below the DC logo. When you open the flap you will see a brief description of the concept behind Batman Timeless and a preview of the figure.

One of the challenges for newbie PAK collectors is separating the plastic container from the box packaging. You can easily do this if you pull the “black backboard” together with it. This black backboard actually stores the plastic stand for the figure, and blocks the hollow bottom of the plastic container. In addition, it also contains instructions about your PAK figure.

The figure itself feels really solid and heavy. The materials used a combination of soft and hard materials, coupled with very intricate detailing. From buckles to buttons to each rivet and pouch, this figure fits the hype.

At a glance, this variant could be mistaken for Nightwing. Maybe it’s the mask, and how the bat symbol was designed on his chest. Or it could be because of his clean-shaven face. I personally think that this version would look more kick-ass with a bit of stubble. But hey, Bruce wants it clean so let’s leave it at that. (Come to think of it, a bit of mustache might make him look more like Zorro, so maybe this is better all along).

“Horns” protrude from his cowboy hat, completing Batman’s trademark silhouette. The collar on top of his cape is made of a soft, rubbery material. The outstanding texture and coloring of the various parts of the costume down to the most minute detail contributes to the overall effect–from the metal batarang, buckles and rivets, to the leathery armor of various thicknesses.

There are multiple holsters for his weapons. The grappling gun can be divided into two and then connect again for it to fit while his axe can be placed beside the gun holster and at the Dark Knight’s upper back.

The boots are superbly done, textured in stark contrast with the rest of the materials, presenting a very leathery appearance. The spur (I actually have to ask Google about the correct name for this) looks like the real thing.

The cape has a weathered and torn-look showing age, with holes and burn marks brought about from his battles conquering the lawlessness of the Old West. It is divided into three parts. The upper part of the cape maintains the form and covers the hinges of the two other capes beneath it. This allows better pose-ability on both sides, and not cumbersome like most toys with cloaks/capes on them. I had first observed this amazing design on the PAK DC Variant Batman and I am glad they implemented it again in this version.

The figure feels really solid and heavy. The materials used a combination of soft and hard materials, coupled with very intricate detailing. From buckles, to buttons, to each rivet and pouch- this figure fits the hype.

A symbol of the bat spreading its wings can be found in the upper right-shoulder portion and when you spread them you will be amazed to see the amount of work exerted on the figure, including its back/hidden portions. You can even find a lasso neatly tied on his back (the BruceXDiana in me wishes that it is a Batman x Wonder Woman reference).

One thing you have to check for when you buy this figure is to make sure that the holster for the axe on his left upper back is still intact. I wasn’t able to check it at the store and only noticed the missing part when I took the pictures for this review. I came back the next morning and lo and behold, the staff found it on the floor! Apparently it was accidentally removed during my inspection and I didn’t see it because it was really small.

Posing time! Play Arts Kai did a good job not only in the aesthetics but also in the articulation department.

I would highly recommend buying this figure and I am very excited for the next releases of the Batman: Timeless. Can’t wait to display them all.

3 thoughts on “Review: Variant Play Arts Kai – Batman Timeless – Wild West

  1. Saw this post from the Skywalker review. Yet another temptation!!!! I collect Kotos and Bandais and was wondering if you could do a review of the Batman Steampunk version as the hobby shop in my neck of the woods doesn’t carry it. I do have the other Justice League fellas.

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  2. Thank you for visiting our site, davis79. Kotos and Bandais are good toy lines. Some of our writers here at Geeks collect those as well, particularly on the DC, Star Wars and bishoujo statues for Koto; and some Gundam and SHF SailorMoon for Bandai.

    Batman Steampunk version is still not out, but would definitely cover that once it is released. The figure is massive and I cannot wait to get my hands on one. However there were reports that it costs around Php7k+ (around 175USD) which is just some dollars short of the Bahamuth Variant. I am not sure what led to the skyrocketing of the recent PAK prices, and it certainly poses a concern for a lot of the collectors.

    The DC/Justice League Variants are really nice. And for some reason the new Marvel Variants, in my opinion, aren’t as nice compared to them (perhaps until Thor is released, which is super, super awesome in pictures).


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