Batman: Arkham Knight, PC to PS4

Batman is back.  By now, most of you are playing (and some have probably finished) the game. And for sure, most of you have read game reviews and already formed your own opinions about the Arkham Knight.

This article is not about the game plot or storyline, so don’t worry about spoilers.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150704025130

You have to give it to Rocksteady, they made a definitive superhero game with Batman: Arkham Asylum. Although I personally didn’t like Arkham City as much as the first one, that game felt like it was a test bed of their plans for Arkham Knight.

Arkham Origins on the other hand was co-developed between WB Games Montréal and Splash Damage. Since I started on consoles for the series, I bought a PS3 version of Arkham Origins and quickly saw that the game wasn’t optimized.  There were framerate drops during combat with more than 10 enemies.  It was a bit obvious they scaled up the difficulty by adding more thugs without taking into account that the PS3 hardware might not be able to handle it.

In my frustration, I bought the PC version and quickly realized that the experience is quite different. Playing with the graphics set on max, 1080p 60fps is a delight during combat encounters.   The smoothness of jumping from one building to another via the grapple hook and gliding was a very, lack of a better word, satisfying.  Convinced that the PC is the best platform for this game series, I decided to play Batman exclusively on the PC and bought all the older titles during Steam sales.  Boy, was I wrong.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150705103204Then came Arkham Knight. The hype was big, I was excited. Pre-ordered and preloaded the game from Steam and waited for the official release time. While waiting to get off work, reports suddenly flooded in on how crappy the PC version was.  You can refer here to see the related articles.

I really tried to settle but framerates dipping to below 15fps is atrocious for me. It ruins the overall gaming experience. Rather than concentrating on “Being the Bat” you concentrate on that little fps marker on the side. It was a good thing Steam implemented a refund feature and at least I was able to get my money back unlike the what happened with the PS3 version of Origins.
Granted PS4 is locked at 30fps. But damn it was hella lot better than the PC. The framerate was consistent and didn’t feel like it even dipped below 25fps or so.

Now here’s the thing, “PC master race gamers” will always ridicule “console peasant noobs”.  But really what can you expect if the game was specifically made with consoles in mind by a company that works with consoles? PC may have greater graphics but at what cost? Batman is a great game but the unoptimized release of the PC makes you wonder what platform do you really want to concentrate on? Is graphics a big factor or presentation is what matters?

robin-cropI’ve always been a sucker for 60fps but one thing Batman proved to me is that a solid 30fps game can still be quite enjoyable. If you’re a console gamer, whether PS4 or Xbox One, GO BUY IT. If you’re on PC, wait it out a month or two or three or even on the next Steam Sale before getting it, because like what happened in Arkham Knight and other numerous multiplatform titles, it really might take that long to fix.

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