The 5 Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

Entertainment Weekly has just posted some photos for the upcoming Age of Apocalypse movie, giving us some more insight as to what to expect from the X-Men trilogy!

5. Meet the next generation of X-Men It is a little jarring to think that Jubilee (Lara Condor) would be roughly the same age as Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) or Cyclops (Tye Sherridan) seeing as she’s always been the token brat of the group. But anything that would give Jubilee a bigger role than in her other movie appearances to date should be a good thing, right?

Always a fan favorite, this version of Nightcrawler will be played by Kodi Smith-McPhee and is said to be the group’s “comic relief”. That might explain the Martin Short vibes going on.

4. Jennifer Lawrence Mystique

Charles Xavier’s got 99 problems, but baldness still does not appear to be one of them.

In an odd twist of fate, former, would-be assassin of presidents Mystique has turned face and is now dedicated to helping mutants in trouble. Because Lawrence has gotten a huge popularity boost since the first time she’d worn the blue for X-Men: First Class, this movie appears to be giving her real face more screen time. And also because, given the events of Days of Future Past, the scaly-looking Mystique is now on everyone’s wanted list and must spend the rest of her life going incognito as, ironically, Jennifer Lawrence.

3. Psylocke

We knew Olivia Munn was going to rock it as Psylocke. Anyone who has seen her Newsroom performance knows that. Anyone who’s seen her in training knows that. But this? She might easily be the breakout star for this film, even as, inexplicably, one of Apocalypse’s henchmen (which might be a nod to the semi-villainous Asian ninja Kwannon, whose physical body Psylocke technically occupies in the comics).

2. Storm rocking that mohawk How can we not love this? Mohawk-version Storm is reminiscent of the 80s depowered-but-still-even-more-badass-than-when-she-had-powers Storm, back when the Japanese ronin Yukio was her best friend and she got to wield her own version of Mjolnir for a short while because Loki wanted dat ass. Heck, she beat Cyclops in one-on-one combat for leadership of the X-Men without superpowers, with nothing but her awesome street-fighting prowess and her gorgeous white mane. In this reality though, Storm is a villain, found as a child living off the streets of Cairo by Apocalypse, so we might possibly get to see more badassery with Alexandra Shipp than anything Halle Berry has ever done as a superhero.

1. What is up with Apocalypse?

Apocalypse has the superpower that most men want – the ability to change his size at will – but nothing says “disappointment” more than looking like a member of the Blue Man Group wearing armor, fresh off a Bob Marley beach concert. Always known in the comics for literally towering over his prey/enemies, this Apocalypse doesn’t look all that imposing when he’s only about Storm’s height. The whole Jim Raynor meets Mr. Freeze fashion mash-up isn’t helping matters, either. This is not the face that spurred the Age of Apocalypse; this is the face that could’ve been if Ronan the Accuser had a threeway with Skeletor and Maurice from Little Monsters.

Apocalypse: the Wonder Years

Hopefully, they get to work that CGI magic and have En Sabah Nur exactly as he’s always been depicted in the comics – at LEAST ten feet tall, angry as hell, and without as much emphasis on the dreadlocks.

Bonus: Erik Lensherr / Magneto (Michael Fassbender) looking like lumberjack Wolverine. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse will be in theaters worldwide, May 2016.

Photo credits: Entertainment Weekly One | Two | Three

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