Gundam Docks in HK and My Life with Gundam recently released more details on the Gundam Docks at the Hong Kong II event, which begins Aug 1 through the 31st at Hong Kong Times Square.

A highlight of this activity is the 1:3 scale of Gundam Wing and Gundam Unicorn. I was amazed with the pictures I’ve seen around the Web, so I’ve been deliberating very hard whether or not to go and personally witness the exhibit dedicated to Gundam’s 35th anniversary.

(Times Square Site photos c/o Maker World)

Gundam Wing
Rhythm Emotion cue
Gundam Wing photo
Just Communication cue

gundam the originWhile thinking about the value of going to Hong Kong for this event, I took some time to internalize what the Gundam title means to me.

I don’t consider myself the ultimate  fan, but I have a lot of hobbies related to Gundam. My favorites are Seed and Destiny, and I patronized both seasons of Build Fighters. I also like Wing mostly because of the machines, and not because of the five suicidal pilots—but that’s a topic for another article. Currently, I’m following the Gundam: The Origin manga, and have my favorite bookstore auto-reserve a copy for me whenever a new volume comes out.

Games and Toys

I am not too much into Gunpla modeling kits because I don’t have the time to build them. Currently, my wife and I only own several unassembled kits—a Perfect Gwing zero pefrect graderade Wing Zero I gave her for her birthday 7-8 years ago, an MG (Master Grade)-Proto of Wing, an MG Heavy Arms Endless Waltz we bought from our first trip to Japan back in 2007, a Mobius Zero- mobile armor of my favorite character Mu La Flaga and the Archangel—Seed’s version of the classic’s White Base.

I also play some related games during my free time. I find the Playstation Vita’s Gundam Breaker 1 and 2 to be good—despite being purely Japanese—due to its very intuitive controls.

In addition, I also frequent Gundam Duel Company, a mission-based online game from Bandai Namco, where you can use the cards you get offline from boosters packs to recruit mobile suits and ACE pilots for your army (you should try this if you’re a fan and experience the various mobile suits battle one another). The best part is the organized play wherein players and their home store will get to represent the country, battling other commanders around the globe.

A few years ago, I played the card game Gundam War NEX-A, which appealed to me as a card collector. However, I found it very hard to play as there is no official English translation available, ergo it was difficult to find other players who share the same interest. The cards, though, are very nice and I decided to put them together in a kick-ass binder featuring the various series’ heroines.

Gundam in our Travels

Two of the important stops my wife and I always make whenever we go to Tokyo are Gundam Cafes and Diver City (home of the 1:1 scale RX-78 and the museum, Gundam Front) .

Gundam Cafe in Akihabara

There are two Gundam Cafes in Tokyo; one is in Akihabara and the other one is in Odaiba, just beside the life-size Gundam (more on that later). The Gundam Cafe features themed food that are mostly entertaining—some of them funny. Our favorite is the “Gundam Wing self-destruct,” a meal with a soft-boiled sunny-side up egg.

Gundam Front in Diver City, Odaiba

At the 6th floor of Diver City is Gundam Front, which features a 360 theater featuring exclusive short videos to visitors. When we went there, they showed Gundam Phenex for the first time, battling Banshee in space. There are interactive displays inside the exhibit explaining the various series and a 1:1 life-size bust of Freedom Gundam. There are also sketches of the main characters and cell-shadings. By the exit is the shop, which sells exclusive items ranging from modeling kits and plushies to food and apparel.

And the most badass Gundam display in existence, 1:1 RX 78-2!

The 18-meter-tall 1:1 scale RX-78-2 is the highlight of Gundam Front. The Gundam faces the bay area, seemingly ready to defend Japan against any threat. The statue lights up at night and performs a light show every 30 minutes from 6 to 8 PM. Smoke from the machine’s exhaust makes it more realistic and the head moves sideways. The main cockpit opens during the night show and the audience get to see Amuro Ray piloting it.

So will I be able to visit Times Square to check out the Gundam Docks at Hong Kong II event ? The exhibit is not as extensive as that of Tokyo, but it may be another exciting experience altogether. I hope we find the time to visit in August and would definitely post updates if we push through with it.

(All pictures are by the author unless otherwise specified.)

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