Geeky News Round-up: 2015 August 1

Every weekend, the GeeksPH Team will post what’s up, what’s interesting and what’s coming in the geek world—may it be anime, science, comics, movies, fandom, books, or what-have-you. Here are a few news items of the week that have caught our attention.

  • Japan’s Suntory company has decided to send some of its best whiskey to space. Sadly, it’s not for the astronauts, or as a goodwill mission to contact extraterrestrial life (anyway that didn’t work out so well for Adam Sandler’s movie), but to test the effects of the liquor’s long-term exposure to zero gravity.
  • Waking up to a freezing cold bucket of water on your head is old-school, as a British inventor has now come up with an Ejector Bed, perfect for pesky teenagers and clingy one-night stands who just won’t get out of bed.
  • Brace yourselves, WoW players. A new expansion is coming. More details will be revealed on August 6 at Gamescom in Germany. Fortunately, there will be live-streaming.
  • You know how the first thing you do after buying a new Windows PC is to search for the setting that removes Internet Explorer? (Okay, so maybe that’s just me.) Microsoft may have noticed this so upon the release of its new OS, get ready to meet its new default browser, Edge. Will this finally redeem the company from the blight that was IE? Check out the review.
  • Fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Ayanami Rei will be glad to know that there are now cans of paint in the exact shade of her hair–called Ayanami Blue–being sold in Japan. Good for walls, sheds, and bookshelves, but please. Don’t use them for cosplay.
  • Kung Pow II may be happening soon.
  • The BauBax all-in-one jacket still has about 30 days to go in Kickstarter, but it’s already exceeded its $20K goal. Boasting 4 styles with 15 features, the jacket is sure to be a gadget-loving traveler’s dream, promising to store everything short of your brother’s XBox AND keep you warm. My question is: Can it be dry cleaned?
  • As early as now, Jedi and Sith looking forward to the release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens are also probably deciding what to wear. Adidas gives you something to consider with its limited edition licensed sneaker line. The fun part? It’s customizable.
  • This week, three people from the Harry Potter universe celebrated their birthdays. There’s The Boy Who Lived, Harry. There’s The Boy Who Could’ve Been (The Boy Who Lived), Neville Longbottom. But more importantly, there’s She Who Started It All, beloved creator JK Rowling. Here’s a small tribute by website, The Pool. Happy birthday, Jo.

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