Deadpool Goes Meta with a Trailer for the Deadpool Trailer

Everyone and their comic-loving mother knows that the upcoming Deadpool movie is going to subvert the Marvel movieverse formula. It’s going to break the fourth wall. It’s going to be R18. Never has a Marvel movie promised to be this hardcore or this attentive to its fans since the first Blade movie. The Deadpool movie trailer is due to hit tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean Deadpool doesn’t need your attention right this instant. True to the gore-loving, self-deprecating, politically incorrect funhouse that its titular character has cemented his popularity on, Deadpool / actor and five-time Academy Award viewer Ryan Reynolds is here to present another first as far as movie trailers go: a movie trailer for the Deadpool movie trailer.

While it’s only 45 seconds long, it’s a hilarious reminder to everyone to stay glued to their computer screens until the actual official Deadpool trailer makes its debut tomorrow – and we’ll be there to cover every glorious inch of it.

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