Everything you Need to Know about the Deadpool Trailer

UPDATED 11:17 am: The Deadpool UNCENSORED trailer is now here!!

Now that that’s out, what can the trailer tell us about the movie?


1.) Copycat / Vanessa – played by Morena Baccarin of Firefly fame. While Vanessa seems to be your usual worried love interest in the trailer, her comic book counterpart is also Wade’s on-again off-again mutant girlfriend with Mystique’s shapeshifting abilities. Is this a hint that she’s going to play an even more important role than the trailer suggests?


2.) Blind Al – Blind Al / Althea has a complicated relationship with Deadpool, one sometimes bordering on abuse. While the comics often depict her as Deadpool’s ‘prisoner’ (albeit a willing one), she is also in many occasions Deadpool’s conscience with a subtle hold on Deadpool that no one else has been able to wield. The movie might focus more on their humorous banter than on the more troubling aspects of their ‘friendship’ (The Box, anyone?) – but this is also an R18 movie, so you never know.


3.) Weasel – Along with Blind Al, one of Deadpool’s closest friends – or the closest approximate to ‘friend’ that one can be with Wade. He’s Peter Parker without the webshooting, but with the military intelligence, technology, and mercenary know-how that Deadpool relies on for his tech devices and advanced weaponry. Comics Deadpool has also been known to abuse Weasel every now and then, but the trailer suggests he’s known Wade long before he’d entered the Weapon X program, if his “You look like Freddie Kreuger fucked a topographical map of Utah” is any indication.


4.) Ajax – You’ve seen Angel Dust (Gina Carano) in the trailer, but she has very little connection to comicsverse Deadpool. On the other hand, Ajax (Ed Skrein) is to Deadpool the way Colonel William Stryker is to Wolverine. He’s partly responsible for most of Deadpool’s healing ability (and his resulting insanity) and that means there’s a lot of payback to be had.


5.) X-Men – Dare we think that more of the X-Men might be showing up in the movie? We’ve already got Colossus on display, along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead (both wearing very obvious X-uniforms). Because Deadpool has NEVER expressed any desire to join the X-Men, right?

UPDATED 9:52 am: Here’s a short clip of part of the Ryan Reynolds interview on Team Coco:

And for context:



The Deadpool trailer is marketing done right. Even the most cynical of fanboys/girls who might scoff at such elaborate social media trickery can’t help but salivate with glee in anticipation because 1.) Deadpool!, and 2.) fanboys/girls.

While we wait, here’s some more information you might like to know before the trailer hits:

1.) The hype for the upcoming trailer is so huge that Conan O’Brien has changed his show’s rating from TV-14 to TV-MA – which means, like the movie, no underaged viewers should be viewing the trailer.

2.) This comes shortly after the announcement that Ryan Reynolds is scheduled to go on Conan in full Deadpool outfit.


3.) Deadpool isn’t satisfied with doing his own marketing – he’s crashing the Fantastic Four trailer, too!

4.) The link to Fox’s official Deadpool website leads to – you guessed it – his pinterest page.

This post will be updated as soon as more information about the trailer (and the trailer itself) is released! Check out his pinterest board homage to Bea Arthur, Mario Lopez, among others.

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