Fanboying Over Ronda Rousey – The RL Queen of Dragons

Before this week, all I knew about Ronda Rousey was that she’s a popular UFC fighter who takes down her opponents in less than 30 seconds and that she kicked butt in the Fast and the Furious and Expendables movies. I never imagined she’d be a geek, a Dragon lover. In one of her Instagram posts she shared a picture of a Pokemon card she got from a vending machine—a Dragonair. She was thrilled because it was also her first Pokemon TCG card!

Ronda Rousey shows Dratini
How can you tell if a card player means serious business? If he/she puts a card protector on the card to prevent damage.
Now I know where Ronda Rousey gets her killer stare

Dragonair is a dragon-type Pokemon that later evolves into the most famous non-legendary dragon of the 1st gen, Dragonite. Despite its bulk, this rare Pokemon can travel faster than the speed of sound, kind of like how fast Ronda defeats her opponents.

In another interview (youtube video below), Ms. Rousey also admitted to being a die-hard Pokemon video gamer, owning AND completing almost all console titles. She started with Gameboy Color with Blue, then Red, then Yellow. These were the three cartridges that started it all in our generation.

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow

Her first starter in Blue was a Charmander which later evolves to Charizard. Now we know that while Charizard looks like a dragon, it is not that exact type. It is actually a Fire and Flying type until its mega evolution in the later titles.

(Back in high school, I remember always bringing my jade Gameboy color and several hundred hours of Pokemon Blue with me. I also had a wire connector that allowed me to trade and compete with other gamers. Unlike Ronda, my favorite that time was Blastoise and it would have been awesome if we had the chance to battle. I really want to see her line-up.)

Picture from @sloomzo

Ronda’s fascination with dragons extends from games to anime. She is a big fan of Dragonball Z and claims to have had a huge crush on Vegeta. A Twitter post shows her sporting a Vegeta shirt, posing together with the Rock. In an interview taken during her workout, she even says that there was a time in her life when she “would have gone toon for him.”

The most dominant athlete alive also has other geeky hobbies. She plays World of Warcraft and cosplays. I know that a lot of people consider her super hot for being a champion fighter and all, but nothing’s hotter than being a gamer and a geek. I was wrong to consider her to be just another brute-turned-actress. She is now ranked among the highest of my celebrity crushes.

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