Decoden: The Art of Phone Embellishments

Decoden has been around for several years now, but it hasn’t quite made its way to mainstream geek art. Decodenwhere “deco” stands for decorating and “den” stands for “denwa,” the Japanese word for “phone”is the odd art of over-embellishing your phone cases with cute cabochons to the point that it doesn’t seem very utilitarian to use or winds up being too unwieldy to carry around. But, hey, people have done strangers things for the sake of cuteness.

The more popular trends seem to involve taking cheap figurines of favorite characters and gluing them to the cases. Cabochons can also be made from molds that can be purchased at supply stores.

source: YYKawaii

Tacky? Maybe. Unnecessary? Definitely. But if you love all things geeky and adorable and don’t mind being encumbered by something twice as large as your actual phonerendering the purchase of purposely slim smartphones basically uselessthen why not? Pants pockets are for losers, anyway.

Source: YYKawaii

And you’re not necessarily limited to phone cases either. Ipad covers, headphones, 3DS casesnothing is sacred.

Source: Esidishop
Source: NebulaTeee

Many shops sell cabochons so you can make your own decoden cases, and there’s a lot of youtube videos that show you how to make them!

Including one that shows you how to make the whipped cream effect seen in most decoden designs:

But if you want something ready-made, there are also a lot of etsy shops willing to make them for you for a fee.

Source: Mintyholic
Source: OtomeNeko
Source: NYOM
Source: PastelDream
Source: CreaBia

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