Geeky News Round-Up: 2015 August 15

Every weekend, the GeeksPH Team will post what’s up, what’s interesting and what’s coming in the geek world—may it be anime, science, comics, movies, fandom, books, or what-have-you. Here are a few news items of the week that have caught our attention.

  • There is no version of reality where we will not start with this awesome infographic that explores the ripple effect Star Wars has created, influencing pop culture far and wide—from setting stories in imperfect, unpolished universes to trading damsels in distress for badass female leads.
  • Meanwhile, Covergirl is teaming up with Star Wars to create a futuristic makeup collection. The collection, which will include lipstick, mascara and nail polish lines, will be available online starting September 4 and will hit stores in mid-September.
  • Speaking of, rumor has it that Disneyland is adding some exciting expansions to their California park: Star Wars Land and Marvel Land. Do eet!
  • Are we dreaming? Is this real life? Because another fantasy destination may just become a reality: A group of architects launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to build a life-size replica of the Lord of the Rings city, Minas Tirith, in the south of England. The group needs to raise £2 billion in 60 days, so, yes, go give them your money, we’ll wait right here.
  • Over at the biannual Wonder Festival, we learn how amazing life-size figures of anime characters were created using—get this—3-D printers! The attention to detail is remarkable.
  • Flying mounts will soon return to a new zone in World of Warcraft: Legion after being scrapped in an earlier expansion. According to designer Ion Hazzikostas, these mounts will be attainable once players acquire an achievement that will be released in patch 7.0.
  • Outside the Barbican Centre in London where he is starring in a 12-week run of Hamlet, Benedict Cumberbatch pleaded with fans and theatergoers to observe proper viewing etiquette: No taking of photos or videos, please!
  • Ned Flanders and metal rock, two things that seem to exist in entirely separate planes, have mated and given birth to Okilly Dokilly. The metal—excuse us, Nedal—band, whose name was derived from The Simpsons’ character’s favorite phrase, consists of five men in matching signature Ned Flanders ensembles who go by Ned-inspired nicknames (Red Ned, Thread Ned, Head Ned, Stead Ned and Bled Ned—like the Spice Girls, except somehow more bizarre).
  • No, Google isn’t really ditching the entire Google brand. In an effort to streamline its products, Google is creating a new company called Alphabet Inc. to operate its newer business lines like Calico and Fiber, while still maintaining its best-known businesses like Youtube and Android.
  • Twitter finally drops its 140-character limit on private messaging. Although it’s not clear whether the same could be expected to happen soon for public tweets.
  • A transcript of an interview with George Takei reveals that—aside from how an interracial kiss by Captain Kirk and Uhura nearly did the show in—he actually got his name from the sea off the coast of the Philippines.
  • In New York, Syracuse University professor Anthony Rotolo will offer a free and open Star Trek class to the public, independent of the university. Trekkies will have the option of taking an online course (September to December 2015) or participating in live class sessions (dates and locations to be announced at a later time).
  • Japan names Nitama its new stationmaster after Tama, the cute calico cat that had served as stationmaster of Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture since 2007, passed away recently. Because, of course, Japan.

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