Build Your Own Online Store: The TackThis! Grand Launch

This bit of news may not be so geeky, but it’s definitely in tech! And it impacts those of us who have gotten used to letting our fingers do the shopping.

On August 13, PLDT SME Nation and Voyager Innovations launched their new eCommerce brand TackThis! at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. TackThis! is a platform aimed at businesses that want to put up their own online store. Locally, many are understandably intimidated by this still novel process of eCommerce. Even with the kind of technology that’s available, one still needs help from a reliable web developer in putting up a site with all the trimmings. TackThis!’s Concierge simplifies this process. They offer to do all the work—from product photography and styling (yes, even the hiring of models and photographers), to web design to store setup to handling of delivery logistics; all you have to do is supply the goods. They will even field customer service calls. And when it’s all done, you can connect the store with your social media accounts, essentially “tacking” it to your Facebook page, blog, or existing website.

Honestly, it sounds like a lot of work for the TackThis! team, but a load off the backs of entrepreneurs. Speaking as a consumer whose first instinct since the advent of the internet is to run a Google search on a product’s availability, I think that brands would be served well by having their footprints felt on the World Wide Web. And when you consider the proliferation of fake products being sold online, it’s reassuring to know that the goods we’re buying are authentic because we’re getting them from the official distributors.

For now, here are some photos from the event.

Event Host Paolo Abrera.
First VP and Head of PLDT SME Nation, Katrina Luna-Abelarde, gave the intro speech.
Voyager Innovations’ VP, Mitch Padua, explained the slow growth of Philippine eCommerce and TackThis!’s future role.
During the launch, the TackThis! team was challenged by Silverworks to create its online store within 60 minutes. The TackThis! Concierge managed it in less than an hour. In photo are Voyager Innovations’ Rebecca Ricalde and Silverworks’ Chief Executive showing off the finished product with event hosts Issa Litton and Paolo Abrera.

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