Geeky News Round-up: 2015 August 23

Every weekend, the GeeksPH Team will post what’s up, what’s interesting and what’s coming in the geek world—may it be anime, science, comics, movies, fandom, books, or what-have-you. Here are a few news items of the week that have caught our attention.

  • Lots of amusement park news this past week! First off, the recent D23 Expo revealed more concrete plans for new additions to some of the Disney properties in the US, particularly Star Wars, Marvel (at least the characters that don’t overlap with Universal’s), and surprisingly, James Cameron’s Avatar. Jedis and superhero fans just can’t wait! Ok, and maybe fans of those weird blue people that aren’t smurfs.
  • A Rebel Force Radio listener named Kevin Lynch took the Star Wars theme park news and made this mind-blowing concept art. WHY IS THIS NOT REAL YET?!

    Yes, I am posting this pic here because it is just AH-MAYZING and I am so down for that… despite the threat of being force-choked by potential Sith. But theme parks are supposed to be all about that heart-stopping thrill anyway, right? Source: Rebel Force Radio
  • It’s too bad that park doesn’t exist. We could’ve flown there on ANA’s Star Wars-themed planes.
  • For something closer to home, Hong Kong Disneyland is set to have the Iron Man Experience next year!
  • But if you’re jaded by society and the capitalist construct of the entertainment industry, maybe Banksy’s Dismaland is more your thrill. Located in the UK, the controversial painter’s collaborative exhibit with other artists is a darkly insightful, gloomily pensive, and overly pessimistic reflection of what’s happening in the world today. Unfortunately, it takes more than the 3pound ticket price to get there for us, so we’ll have to be contented with these photos and with this footage from Channel 4.
  • Now that Banksy has put us in a suitably depressed mood: Batgirl is dead. The 1960s guest star of Batman the TV series, Yvonne Craig, passed away August 19.
  • From death to life, or rather, the fountain of youth as old news about Google’s investments in the life sciences have resurfaced after its restructure to Alphabet. Besides research on anti-aging, they’re also working on cancer detection, multiple sclerosis deceleration, and blood glucose monitoring. We applaud you for this, Google.
  •  Do you guys remember when the fellowship of the LotR movie got matching tattoos? Well, the cast of Suicide Squad took it one step further. Not only did they get matching tattoos, they gave it to each other.
  • Adobe Flash, you used to be cool. But now even Amazon is rejecting you.
  • Users of WhatsApp will be happy to know that the desktop integration, WhatsApp Web, has just been made available on the iPhone.
  • Presently leaking in Tech news: Uber is about to go public. And when I say “go public”, I mean the finance thing, not anything scandalous.
  • Also leaking on the internet: the Avengers: Age of Ultron gag reel. Watch it before they start pulling it from the web, quick! Otherwise, you’d have to wait until the DVD/Blu-ray comes out before enjoying the sight of juicy fan service-y bits like a Thor x Vision embrace, and a Tony x Steve almost-kiss.

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