Sideshow’s 1:6 Raynor, great but not perfect.

Starcraft’s Terran hero, James Raynor, was made into a 1:6 scale figurine by the folks from Sideshow. Normally 1:6 figures stand at around 12 inches high but since he’s in his Terran Space Marine Combat Power Suit, he stands 16″ tall.

This thing was on my preorder list the day it was announced about a little over a year and a half ago. It came out in the US early 2015 but was just released in the Ph around a few months ago. I rarely get 1:6 figures although since everybody else seems to be on the Iron Man bandwagon, I took this one just to be a bit unique.

I’ve seen previews and reviews of this thing but when I finally received it, I felt a bit short-changed after paying almost 500USD for it. Granted that this 1:6 figure is extremely detailed, from the rubber hoses and segmented pieces to the small decals. But at this price point, I would have expected more.

The hulking Combat Power Suit, as daunting as it looks, is light for his size. Also he’s top heavy, even with those massive feet it’s very hard to get him to balance properly. And because of that, it’s difficult to get him into action poses that you’d normally like to do with 1:6 figures.

I also found the hoses on the arms especially the elbow areas a bit disappointing. You’d expect to have those hoses locked down, but it’s stated in the manual that if it becomes loose, just tuck it back in.

As with many other figures, the accessories are very much detailed. Both the Assault Rifle and the Sniper Rifle have detachable magazines. The revolver could have been better. Maybe a more metallic finish to emphasize the details but I doubt you’ll be removing this from its holster anyways.

I tried making him hold his Assault rifle but since the hands were fully articulated and a bit on the loose side, it’s hard to lock a grip on the gun. Even harder to make it do a firing position and this is just the only way to make him hold it.

So sometimes I end up making him hold his gun over his shoulder. Just to avoid knocking him and his gun over.

I still haven’t figured out how he can properly hold the sniper rifle, but it looks better on the table with the bipod supporting it.

You’ll notice that I have a Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand on the side, to help keep him upright. I had an incident where it fell face flat on my table at one point in time and even lodged off a piece of armor from his pinky finger and while in the process of putting that armor on again, this happened:

I was able to put it all back together but this just added to my slight displeasure with the overall quality of the product.

Nevertheless, beyond all those issues I encountered, Raynor is still a wonderful piece especially if you’re a StarCraft fan. Is it worth the 500USD price tag? Probably not. But compared to the legion of 1:6 Iron Man armors out there that’s basically a rehash of the same mold, I think this fares better for any collection.


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