Asia Pop Comicon Day Zero Sneak Peek

Asia Pop Comicon, the new pop culture convention about to make its mark in the Philippines, opened its doors yesterday, September 17, specifically for people who registered for a free Pro Pass. We were fortunate enough to get Pro Passes, which meant we got to see what the fuss was all about before the big event.

The first thing that greets you once you step through the event hall doors is Marvel’s massive LED display flanked by life-sized statues of Captain America, Iron Man, and Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Nice!

_DSC0498It looks like the day was set aside to give the media, bloggers, and a few working professionals like us a first look at their setup before the big day(s), but there wasn’t much to see or do since the event doesn’t happen until Friday. Most of the booths are already set up, with a few exhibitors putting the final touches to their displays.

Being the ginormous geeks that we are, we hovered around the general area of the Hot Toys‘ booth as they unboxed their 1:6th scale figures for display, grinning like giant schoolchildren that saw their favorite toys through the shop window.

Singapore-based Comicave Studios is also in the building, bringing with them their impressive collection of die-cast figures based on the successful Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron movies.

But the one thing we’re quite sure people will be lining up for is their life-sized Hulkbuster statue. Life-sized. Hulkbuster. With the cockpit opened up so you can take a pic of yourself piloting it. Madness!

The Guest Area booths are also up, ready to be filled with fans wanting autographs of their favorite comic book artists, writers, and cosplayers. And getting autographs from them is free. Now we know where we’ll be spending a good chunk of our time in!

With the caliber of talent and branding that will be converging this weekend at the World Trade Center Manila, we can’t help but feel positively stoked for APCC 2015, and we can’t wait to experience another geeky fun weekend.

The hype is strong with this one!

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