Part 1/2: WonFes 2016 (Warning: Picture heavy post)

Final update. Apologies for the super heavy post.

This is Part 1 of 2. Check out Part 2 here.


As soon as the people alight from the train station, they dashed towards the hall.

It takes around 10mins to walk towards the  halls. There were guides with placards leading the traffic. We were greeted by this sign near the entrance.

To be able to enter, participants need to purchase the guide book. There was advanced  selling last January and it was all sold out. It’s good to know that there are still a lot for those who didn’t get it.

This us how the guidebook looks like. Inside is a map of the booths + guidelines, but mostly in nihonggo.

After getting the guidebook, people were asked to fall in line. This was how it looked around 8:20AM (hall opens at 10AM). 

These guys are veterans. Lol.
The line moves a bit every around 15mins. This was how it looked like at 9AM, Front and back.

Was able to come in at around 10:10AM. I went straight to the GSC booth to purchase the Hatsune Miku-Snow Owl version Nendoroid.

Attendees raising their guidebooks so marshalls can check before they are allowed to enter. 
The event occupies all the halls so you would have to know beforehand where you should be going. The Nendoroids and Figmas are in Hall 1 so I turned right.

Entrance to the hall. 
I sprinted to the end of the hall where GSC is located and was welcomed by the long lines. 

Maximum of 2 per person for the exclusives. 

I was so close to being unable to buy. Apparently they only accept cash and I only brought a limited amount with me.

After buying the Nendoroids, I fell in line again for more GSC products (the exclusives are separated from the other products).

A snapshot of the GSC stage where they hold various programs. Just finished a while ago was an interview about the new upcoming releases- too bad I was far from the stage because of the line so I wasn’t able to catch it (plus pictures and recordings are not allowed + language barrier).

Afternoon updates===========

Miku’s Snow Owl version of Nendoroid and Figma were SOLD OUT before noon.

My iPhone was about to run out of battery so I decided to just take as many pictures as I could. Check them out below:








Part two of the pictures can be seen here!

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