Pokemon Center Sapporo – An Unexpected Visit

My wife and I chanced upon a Pokemon Center across the Sapporo train station while we were hunting for winter boots. It is located in the 8F ESTA building near the video arcades. When she went to go shoe shopping, I decided to follow the trainer in me!

As soon as you come out of the elevator you will be greeted by a big display of Piplup, Pikachu and Fennekin. On the base are familiar signatures.

We have been Pokemon Trainers since Blue (me) and Ruby (her).

Masuda-san is one of the founding members of Game Freak and produces/directs some of the games.
This signature was beside Masuda-san’s but I can’t read Japanese. If you can read it please post in the comment section. 

Everywhere you look is eye candy for any fan. Lots of pics below!

Even the elevators are nicely decorated!


I would like to try the games but they are in Japanese.


Apart from Pikachu, it seems that the other 3 original basic starters are popular as well. They also highlight some of the other basics which were released in the later games.


Some announcements. Wait… is that Nendoroid?

I was surprised to see this ad. Apart from the reissue of Red in Championship edition to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the game, I didn’t know that they will also release both Ash and Gary. The poster says that it will be opened for preorder for about a month starting Feb. 27th and will be released in July. It seems you can only order it in Japan though.

These will be good additions to Red, N and Cyntia. Now to find a way to buy…



Red Championship edition is like a reissue of the rare Nendoroid which costs tons of $$$ in secondary market. It is essentially the same figure as the previous, but with completely evolved versions of its Pokemon (the previously released contains basic versions).

There were a few capsule machines available but what caught my attention were the ones with Pikachu cosplaying as other Pokemons. Like other “gashapon”, what you get is random. I tried my luck and managed to get 5 of the 7. Will post pictures of them by the end of this post.


Got some multiples but was never able to catch the white ones. If you have them hit me up for trade in the comments~


Plushies galore!

How many Pikachus are in this picture?


The first thought in my head when I took this picture was “Hey couldn’t that tummy in the upper right be…”




These are the cosplaying Pikachus. You can actually see them all over, from Akihabara etc.


Pokemon Little Tales


Oooh a sleeping Ditto! Time to breed some Pokemon!

Some other cool merchandise are available as well.


Pimp your DS




As promised here is a parting shot of the gashapon Pikachus together with a Moncolle Pikachu sporting a trainer hat.

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