Un-fantastic 4: Why I felt the reboot deserved the boot

Before watching this year’s iteration of Fantastic 4, I was already having second thoughts about using my hard-earned money for it, especially after hearing that 20th Century Fox placed an embargo on all F4 reviews prior to the movie’s release. That should have been warning enough, but admittedly it also made me curious. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about spending anything since I got complimentary passes from a friend! (Thank you, friend.) And now I’m here to tell you, in a nutshell, and as spoiler-free as possible, why I’m grateful that I only got to watch this for free: 

  • There was no sense of connection.  Remember when you watch a movie about a topic you know and love and there will be scenes that sends chills down your spine?  That somehow, other than the general storyline, they were still able to enforce the central theme of the Fantastic Four: which is awe and exploration?  Instead I was treated to an entire hour of emo-fest on how each character was flawed.  That would have not been a problem had the movie made me care about them. Richard and Ben’s supposed childhood friendship was wasted on poor character development (and believe me, there were plenty of opportunities to do so). Susan and Johnny had almost zero relationship going as siblings.  Victor Von Doom as an anarchist? Zero effect, because there was no build-up on his anger and choosing the path towards his world-destructive ways. And when they all got together, it tried to do a climactic fight scene that actually fell flat on its back.

    It was as if the scriptwriters quit after page 2 and the Fox execs decided they were good enough to take it from there.

    {Imagines scenario}
    Fox Prez: *sees Fox Execs huddled about writing stuff* What’s going on here? What happened to our writers?
    Fox Execs: They all quit and transferred to the Deadpool movie department, so we’re finishing the F4 script ourselves! It’s OK, we’re nearly done!
    Fox Prez: What will this new script cost?
    Fox Execs: Nothing! Just don’t fire us!
    Fox Prez: OK, carry on!


  • Stan Lee wasn’t there. Although it’s possible his cameo was just too fast or too obscure for me to notice. But then again, there were no indication of his presence in other newer Fox movies like X-Men: First Class, as indicated in his IMDb pageIn an interview made earlier this year, he was asked if he was going to have a cameo, and he replied:

    “I haven’t heard anything about it,” Lee said. “I don’t know where they’re shooting it. If it’s too far away, then maybe not. A special pickup shot in L.A. is always nice, though. They know how to reach me!”

    They may have forgotten his phone number.


  • There were no mid or end credit scenes, which is probably a good thing. At least I’m assured that nothing in this movie will connect with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I would really hate to see this “Suicide Quad” show up with the likes of the Captain America or Iron Man (given that this is a Fox Production, it will never be connected to the MCU anyway, so yay!).


  • The strange “acknowledgment” at the very end of the credits. I wasn’t able to memorize the whole thing, but the gist of it went: “This film has produced and provided jobs for 150,000 people, all of whom worked hard to make this movie a reality.”02F4 Did the filmmakers really feel the need to instill a sense of guilt in its viewers by telling them, “Hey! At least this movie was good for something! So give us your money and stop complaining!”? It was unnecessary — and yet, it was the only part of the film that made me genuinely laugh out loud.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my thoughts on F4. To be honest, this movie makes me want to watch the Attack on Titan live-action film just so I could say that F4 was a better film. From what I’ve read online here, here, here, and here, the overflowing hate for the Japanese big-screen version of the manga/anime is enough to fill a bottomless barrel of disdain that would make Satan drunk (by comparison, F4 would probably just make him tipsy.) But that’s a story for another time.


Everything you Need to Know about the Deadpool Trailer

UPDATED 11:17 am: The Deadpool UNCENSORED trailer is now here!!

Now that that’s out, what can the trailer tell us about the movie?


1.) Copycat / Vanessa – played by Morena Baccarin of Firefly fame. While Vanessa seems to be your usual worried love interest in the trailer, her comic book counterpart is also Wade’s on-again off-again mutant girlfriend with Mystique’s shapeshifting abilities. Is this a hint that she’s going to play an even more important role than the trailer suggests?


2.) Blind Al – Blind Al / Althea has a complicated relationship with Deadpool, one sometimes bordering on abuse. While the comics often depict her as Deadpool’s ‘prisoner’ (albeit a willing one), she is also in many occasions Deadpool’s conscience with a subtle hold on Deadpool that no one else has been able to wield. The movie might focus more on their humorous banter than on the more troubling aspects of their ‘friendship’ (The Box, anyone?) – but this is also an R18 movie, so you never know.


3.) Weasel – Along with Blind Al, one of Deadpool’s closest friends – or the closest approximate to ‘friend’ that one can be with Wade. He’s Peter Parker without the webshooting, but with the military intelligence, technology, and mercenary know-how that Deadpool relies on for his tech devices and advanced weaponry. Comics Deadpool has also been known to abuse Weasel every now and then, but the trailer suggests he’s known Wade long before he’d entered the Weapon X program, if his “You look like Freddie Kreuger fucked a topographical map of Utah” is any indication.


4.) Ajax – You’ve seen Angel Dust (Gina Carano) in the trailer, but she has very little connection to comicsverse Deadpool. On the other hand, Ajax (Ed Skrein) is to Deadpool the way Colonel William Stryker is to Wolverine. He’s partly responsible for most of Deadpool’s healing ability (and his resulting insanity) and that means there’s a lot of payback to be had.


5.) X-Men – Dare we think that more of the X-Men might be showing up in the movie? We’ve already got Colossus on display, along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead (both wearing very obvious X-uniforms). Because Deadpool has NEVER expressed any desire to join the X-Men, right?

UPDATED 9:52 am: Here’s a short clip of part of the Ryan Reynolds interview on Team Coco:

And for context:



The Deadpool trailer is marketing done right. Even the most cynical of fanboys/girls who might scoff at such elaborate social media trickery can’t help but salivate with glee in anticipation because 1.) Deadpool!, and 2.) fanboys/girls.

While we wait, here’s some more information you might like to know before the trailer hits:

1.) The hype for the upcoming trailer is so huge that Conan O’Brien has changed his show’s rating from TV-14 to TV-MA – which means, like the movie, no underaged viewers should be viewing the trailer.

2.) This comes shortly after the announcement that Ryan Reynolds is scheduled to go on Conan in full Deadpool outfit.


3.) Deadpool isn’t satisfied with doing his own marketing – he’s crashing the Fantastic Four trailer, too!

4.) The link to Fox’s official Deadpool website leads to – you guessed it – his pinterest page.

This post will be updated as soon as more information about the trailer (and the trailer itself) is released! Check out his pinterest board homage to Bea Arthur, Mario Lopez, among others.

Deadpool Goes Meta with a Trailer for the Deadpool Trailer

Everyone and their comic-loving mother knows that the upcoming Deadpool movie is going to subvert the Marvel movieverse formula. It’s going to break the fourth wall. It’s going to be R18. Never has a Marvel movie promised to be this hardcore or this attentive to its fans since the first Blade movie. The Deadpool movie trailer is due to hit tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean Deadpool doesn’t need your attention right this instant. True to the gore-loving, self-deprecating, politically incorrect funhouse that its titular character has cemented his popularity on, Deadpool / actor and five-time Academy Award viewer Ryan Reynolds is here to present another first as far as movie trailers go: a movie trailer for the Deadpool movie trailer.

While it’s only 45 seconds long, it’s a hilarious reminder to everyone to stay glued to their computer screens until the actual official Deadpool trailer makes its debut tomorrow – and we’ll be there to cover every glorious inch of it.

The 5 Most Dangerous and Frustrating Jobs to have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Having a job can be the ultimate lifesaver, but maybe not so much in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here are 5 of the worst jobs for the mortals among gods, so to speak, in the MCU. To narrow things down, I will be checking out jobs that could exist in the Cinematic universe (where everyone is still adjusting to web-slinging weirdos and alien invasions) rather than the more established Comic universe (where people are already accustomed to advanced and even alien technology).


Injury Claims Lawyer – Tackling this branch of the law may not be the wisest idea, especially since superheroes and supervillains tend to ignore their subpoenas. You’re better off as an insurance agent, since Acts of God (as super-powered beings normally are) are often not covered in policies, making rejecting multi-million dollar claims a whole lot easier.


Search, Rescue and Recovery – A physically and psychologically taxing job that requires you to search for survivors, take them out of the danger zone, and save their lives. But with super-powered jerks blowing things up, toppling skyscrapers or even lifting whole cities, this job is next to impossible. You would have to wait for all the dust to settle before listening to the cries of the desperate and the dying as you try to dig them out of the rubble and send them to makeshift hospitals.  Naturally, these happen conveniently off-screen or when the plot requires their emotional presence. Meanwhile, try getting some sleep without hearing their dying screams in your dreams.


Any Law Enforcement Agency – Being a cop is one of the most dangerous occupations to ever have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A regular cop with a regular gun against a not-so-regular superhuman is a death sentence… or if you’re lucky, a month’s leave recuperating in a hospital.  So, unless police wages have been updated to include hazard pay and bonuses proportional to the super-powered crooks and invading aliens that you have to deal with, then consider yourself on the losing end.


Any Military Unit – When a demented giant sentient robot is in town, who will you call? If you don’t have the Avengers on speed dial, it will most likely be your reliable G.I. Joes. They come with tanks, airplanes, helicopters and machine guns–impressive, yes, but hardly effective against evil behemoths of mass destruction. And sadly, they are usually just a nice warm-up for the bad guys before said baddies eventually take on the Big Guns like the Avengers. Makes me wonder why the Big Guns can’t go first and let the Little Guns do mop up for a change.  And speaking of mop up…


The Clean-up Crew – Toppled skyscraper? Fallen Helicarrier? No problem! Let me just get my handy-dandy broom so I can sweep and clean the tons of debris lying around the city! Oh, and the mayor wants it done within 24 hours, in time for the Avengers’ “Thanks for saving our city!” parade?  Well, f*ck you then! Let those heroes clean up their own goddamn mess for a change!!!

Sense8 Season 1 Review: Extraordinary Tales Of Ordinary People

While we refrain from providing any major spoilers for Sense8, there may be minor spoilers in the article, which will be hidden in a black background unless highlighted by your cursor. Proceed with caution.

It starts with a death; a woman named Angelica shoots herself in the face after giving “birth” (in a very metaphorical sense). It’s not suicide—Angela’s actions trigger a mental and emotional link now shared by a cluster (eight individuals called sensates) across the globe, and she hopes her death ensures their protection from a man who hunts and kills people like them. But, as the series progresses, you’ll find that it’s not that easy to hide.

Characters see recurring visions of Angelica throughout the season.

When imagining a sci-fi television series written and directed by the Wachowski siblings (best known for their work on The Matrix films), there are a few things you might expect from it: strange and wondrous superpowers, stunning fight choreography, underdogs railing against a tyrannical authority, and an equally oppressive status quo. Sense8 does have a slew of well-crafted fight scenes. There’s a shadowy organization with powerful connections seeking to hunt down its protagonists. But if you’re looking for Matrix-like abilities or aliens trying to harvest human DNA, you might be disappointed. Don’t. Sense8 brings something a little more unique to the table. 

Like Heroes, there’s a large roster of characters spanning the globe: a Chicago cop, a South Korean woman, a university-educated woman from Mumbai, a transsexual hacktivist living in San Francisco, a Mexican actor, a bus driver in Nairobi, an Icelandic DJ in London, and a safe-cracker from East Germany. But unlike Heroes, none boasts of any superpowers. What sets them apart is their unique ability to sense and communicate with each other even halfway across the globe, even taking on each other’s skills when needed. Mexican actor Lito, for instance, can tap into German thief Wolfgang’s street fighting abilities or Chicago cop Will’s training to perform believable action scenes for a movie. Hacktivist Nomi can’t drive, but can allow African Capheus to take over her body temporarily during a high-speed car chase. When a character encounters a certain problem he can’t solve, he simply hands over the reigns to another person in the cluster who can. At times, this might feel a little contrived (won’t it be too easy, story-wise, to simply let Sun Bak or Wolfgang take over whenever some ass-kicking is required?), but that’s a problem for future seasons—with only Season 1 to date, it’s still a refreshing and entertaining twist.

How one character is feeling can also affect others in their cluster. When Kala is served a sumptuous meal by her father in India, Wolfgang develops a sudden urge for Indian food in East Germany. Similarly, when he sings karaoke, the other seven break into 4 Non Blonde’s “What’s Going On” in unison—this scene is one of the show’s highlights. Hilariously, when Sun Bak gets her period, Lito develops stomach cramps and bursts into tears at random moments without knowing why.

The switching points of view can be jarring at first. The first episode explains little of how they’re connected, only that they had witnessed Angelica’s death and continue to see visions of her. Much of the first season is spent developing each character’s growing awareness of the others in their cluster. (Fortunately, Netflix releases all their season episodes at once, a marketing decision that helps shows like Sense8 that rely on multiple character arcs to tell an overarching plot.)

Will and Riley

While each character comes with some useful skill sets, they also come with emotional and mental baggage. Capheus is an accomplished driver, but finds himself caught up in the criminal underworld in Nairobi when he tries to secure expensive medicine for his AIDS-stricken mother. Policeman Will is haunted by an unsolved case in his youth; he is also the first to investigate Angelica’s death, convinced that it is not a hallucination. Wolfgang steals a cache of diamonds before his cousin can, incurring the ire of his powerful criminal uncle. Nomi is a brilliant hacker with a supportive girlfriend, Amanita, but struggles to be accepted for her sexuality. On the other hand, Lito is a closeted actor whose special skill is “lying,” struggling to keep his relationship with boyfriend Hernando a secret from his fans. Kala, a pharmacist living in conservative India, is engaged to a man she does not love. Sun Bak is easily the strongest fighter of the group but, being a female in South Korea, is still expected to serve as a subordinate to her weak-willed brother.  What abilities Icelandic musician Riley can bring to the cluster are more difficult to pinpoint, disc jockey skills aside—her greatest strength seems to be her will to survive, despite being laden with the one of the most heartbreaking backstories of a character in a TV show.

Still, the series is not without its humor—Kala encounters a naked Wolfgang at a very inopportune moment (spoiler: her wedding.) Lito’s life plays out like one of the Mexican soap operas he stars in, and he’s easily one of the main comic reliefs in the series, and my personal favorite. Capheus’ bus is called the Van Damme, after his favorite action hero.

A pantsless Lito uses his skills to get Wolfgang out of trouble

That said, Sense8 deals with a lot of issues few shows have the courage to acknowledge, much less explore in detail. Aside from the well-rounded and very diverse cast (for example, the actress playing Nomi is herself a transsexual), each character is given roughly the same screen time (excepting perhaps Will, but not by much). The series covers a variety of issues such as feminism, gay rights, and rich privilege. Capheus, the poorest of the eight, is nevertheless the most optimistic and appreciates many of the experiences he gains that other characters take for granted (such as flying in an airplane or listening to an orchestra). Though she’s the strongest-willed character, Sun Bak has very little say in her own life, suggesting that being a strong woman does not necessarily mean she is an empowered one. Kala, though university-trained, is still struggling with her own self-worth. She is a woman of science, but she is also a Ganesha devotee and susceptible to the demands of a patriarchal society, even with an unstereotypically supportive father. It is difficult for her to balance those two sides of her personality, even as she realizes she is falling for someone else (spoiler: and that the reckless and normally aloof Wolfgang feels the same way.). Lito is afraid of being outed, sometimes at the cost of his relationship with Hernando. On the other hand, Nomi is out of the closet but is forced to suffer the stigma of being transsexual, particularly from her disapproving mother. There is no attempt to tell viewers that a certain viewpoint is right or wrong—every narrative simply relays the experiences each character has to suffer in a sympathetic manner, but without being too preachy.

Sun Bak communicates with Capheus in Namibia

That said, the series is not for family viewing. Sex and violence is portrayed throughout the series. (Spoiler: When two of the other characters engage in intercourse with their significant others, a few of the other people in the cluster are unexpectedly thrown into the mental link, resulting in an unintended orgy). Personally, it’s the violence that at times seems more gratuitous than the sex, but your mileage may vary.

Aiding them is a man named Jonas, a sensate from the same cluster as Angelica who provides Will with most of what he knows about their abilities—though his allegiance at times seem circumspect. He is trying to protect them from a man known as Whispers—another sensate spearheading an organization that hunts down and kills other sensates. While Whispers is only physically visible for a few episodes throughout Season 1, his presence remains palpable and his reach extends to numerous medical facilities, biological research centers, and even the FBI.  (Spoilers: He very nearly succeeds in giving Nomi a lobotomy under the pretense of excising a tumor, and captures Jonas and Riley to use as bait to hunt down Will. Unlike the average sensate, he has the ability to track thoughts of those outside his own cluster simply by establishing eye contact.)

Sun Bak (bottom) takes over Nomi’s (in background) body, with Will (left) assisting.

Like the Matrix and Jupiter Ascending, there are some eyebrow-raising moments throughout the season that is more entertaining to watch than it is credible. Are research facilities with high-level security clearance really that short on guards? As good as Sun Bak is, can she really take on five FBI-trained agents at once and win? If Capheus drives a stick shift aboard the Van Damme, how can he drive a car with an automatic transmission? But for all its inconsistencies, Sense8 is exemplary with the things it does convey—the ability to show its viewers the lives of eight ordinary men and women with an uncanny link into each other’s psyche and somehow, without relying on special superpowers, turn them into extraordinary characters well worth the watch.


The Pros:

– amazingly diverse and likable cast

– a sympathetic and well-crafted look at modern issues without being preachy

– great action scenes, memorable comic moments

– strong individual arcs and narratives, with many well-thought-out supporting characters

The Cons: 

– needs at least 5-6 episodes to understand the overlying plot that weaves the sometimes disjointed narratives together

– the ability to switch to the sensate most able to fix a problem might seem contrived and could lead to lazy writing somewhere down the road


The Verdict: 4 1/2 Comic Book Guys

One of the best things to come from the Wachowskis in recent memory since The Matrix. A must watch!

The 5 Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

Entertainment Weekly has just posted some photos for the upcoming Age of Apocalypse movie, giving us some more insight as to what to expect from the X-Men trilogy!

5. Meet the next generation of X-Men It is a little jarring to think that Jubilee (Lara Condor) would be roughly the same age as Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) or Cyclops (Tye Sherridan) seeing as she’s always been the token brat of the group. But anything that would give Jubilee a bigger role than in her other movie appearances to date should be a good thing, right?

Always a fan favorite, this version of Nightcrawler will be played by Kodi Smith-McPhee and is said to be the group’s “comic relief”. That might explain the Martin Short vibes going on.

4. Jennifer Lawrence Mystique

Charles Xavier’s got 99 problems, but baldness still does not appear to be one of them.

In an odd twist of fate, former, would-be assassin of presidents Mystique has turned face and is now dedicated to helping mutants in trouble. Because Lawrence has gotten a huge popularity boost since the first time she’d worn the blue for X-Men: First Class, this movie appears to be giving her real face more screen time. And also because, given the events of Days of Future Past, the scaly-looking Mystique is now on everyone’s wanted list and must spend the rest of her life going incognito as, ironically, Jennifer Lawrence.

3. Psylocke

We knew Olivia Munn was going to rock it as Psylocke. Anyone who has seen her Newsroom performance knows that. Anyone who’s seen her in training knows that. But this? She might easily be the breakout star for this film, even as, inexplicably, one of Apocalypse’s henchmen (which might be a nod to the semi-villainous Asian ninja Kwannon, whose physical body Psylocke technically occupies in the comics).

2. Storm rocking that mohawk How can we not love this? Mohawk-version Storm is reminiscent of the 80s depowered-but-still-even-more-badass-than-when-she-had-powers Storm, back when the Japanese ronin Yukio was her best friend and she got to wield her own version of Mjolnir for a short while because Loki wanted dat ass. Heck, she beat Cyclops in one-on-one combat for leadership of the X-Men without superpowers, with nothing but her awesome street-fighting prowess and her gorgeous white mane. In this reality though, Storm is a villain, found as a child living off the streets of Cairo by Apocalypse, so we might possibly get to see more badassery with Alexandra Shipp than anything Halle Berry has ever done as a superhero.

1. What is up with Apocalypse?

Apocalypse has the superpower that most men want – the ability to change his size at will – but nothing says “disappointment” more than looking like a member of the Blue Man Group wearing armor, fresh off a Bob Marley beach concert. Always known in the comics for literally towering over his prey/enemies, this Apocalypse doesn’t look all that imposing when he’s only about Storm’s height. The whole Jim Raynor meets Mr. Freeze fashion mash-up isn’t helping matters, either. This is not the face that spurred the Age of Apocalypse; this is the face that could’ve been if Ronan the Accuser had a threeway with Skeletor and Maurice from Little Monsters.

Apocalypse: the Wonder Years

Hopefully, they get to work that CGI magic and have En Sabah Nur exactly as he’s always been depicted in the comics – at LEAST ten feet tall, angry as hell, and without as much emphasis on the dreadlocks.

Bonus: Erik Lensherr / Magneto (Michael Fassbender) looking like lumberjack Wolverine. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse will be in theaters worldwide, May 2016.

Photo credits: Entertainment Weekly One | Two | Three

Dissecting Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice SDCC trailer

Possible spoiler alert!

A new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was recently released at San Diego Comic-Con. Warner Bros. posted it on Youtube and it received over 4M views in less than a day.

This trailer did not disappoint! With the previous teasers, I’ve caught myself thinking, “Wow it’s the new DC movie, oh yeah, but I know this trailer’s boring, but hey it’s Batman and Superman, but uhm…” I found that I couldn’t totally “geek” out over them, until this new one. I can watch this new one over and over. Maybe because there are more fight scenes. Or perhaps because finally there’s some Wonder Woman in it!

Anyway, I took some screenshots of the trailer and then I will share my thoughts about them here. I’ll try not to bore you. *fingers crossed* Still with me? Alright, let’s go!

Superman being called by the senate
Superman being called by the senate

The trailer starts with a scene where Superman is summoned to the Senate. You can see various reactions from protesters outside; some of them are rooting for him, waving placards pertaining to his “saving lives” and calling to “share the planet”. Most, though, show anti-alien sentiments–understandable after the major loss of life and property from Superman’s battle with Zod.

People in the Senate (?) courthouse don’t exactly “jump for joy” when Superman enters. Though one woman does tuck her hair behind her ear as he approaches the podium. (Ed. note: She might just be fixing it, you know. 😛 – Minami)

Next we have Bruce Wayne on his mobile phone. My guess is that he’s on a call with someone in his building, Wayne Financial.

And oh, Batman is so badass whether in or out of his suit, that he’s caught disregarding street signs.

Bruce runs to his building as it collapses, probably from the battle of the “Kryptonians”, which results in the loss of some of his friends and colleagues. This may be the reason the Dark Knight sees the Man of Steel as a threat to the planet.

I admit I was confused at the presence of a Wayne building in Metropolis. Director Zack Snyder clarifies this at the SDCC panel. “We’ve done stuff in Man of Steel to launch this conflict. We put Gotham and Metropolis right next to each other. It makes sense for us in our story that they’re kind of sister cities across a big bay, like Oakland and San Francisco.” 

Wayne Manor and the Batcave.

Shots of Bruce’s training, the bat suit up close and the new Alfred Pennyworth, Jeremy Irons.

I feel doubtful on whether Irons can surpass, or even be at par with the previous actors of this role. His predecessors, the two award-winning Michaels (Caine and Gough) who portrayed the role for Nolan and Burton’s Batman respectively, did a very good job as the Wayne’s trusted butler. I do know that Irons is a fine actor and has won his own share of awards (I like his Tiberias in Kingdom of Heaven, one of my most favorite movies of all time). I guess they need a more “forceful” character to ram some sense into a more mature and brooding Bruce.

Still fascinated that Martha Kent is being played by Diane Lane, same surname as Lois.

This movie introduces the first appearances of Lex Luthor and the kryptonite material in the new franchise. I’m assuming that the main villain got it from Zod’s ship after it crashed. Mercy Graves, Lex’s assistant, is played by Tao Okamoto. You may be familiar with her role as Mariko in the Wolverine movie.

And I started a joke
And I started a joke…

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.33.52 PMA lot of people are saying that this is the Easter Egg in the trailer. Will the Joker appear in the movie? Maybe to promote the Suicide Squad film. Snyder kinda confirmed it on his Twitter account.

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot

Diana! ❤

Enter Darth Vader's theme
Enter Darth Vader’s theme. Oops, wrong fandom.

This is an intriguing scene. Did Lex manage to control Superman and lead some sort of Super Army? I recall from the Reeves version that there was a version of an evil Superman, and if I am remembering it correctly, kryptonite was involved (have to dig up those movies soon). There was a shot earlier where we see a Kryptonian kneeling in front of Lex so this assumption may be true.

At first, it didn’t make sense that Batman was using the bat signal himself. It’s supposed to “call him”, and not vice versa. But then I remember the previous trailer where he confronts Superman asking, “Tell me, do you bleed?” So maybe the bat signal was lit up to attract Supes’ attention, luring him to Gotham, a place Batman knows inside and out, ergo giving him a terrain advantage.

These cutscenes went by very fast. There’s a diver securing something that looks like a rock? Statue? A bent-over human? Possibly with long hair? A big body? Maybe like Aquaman? (!!!)

Jason Momoa, Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Picture shared by Zack Snyder on his twitter- https://twitter.com/ZackSnyder/status/568650209581858817/photo/1

Then we have horses galloping across a field, which seems peculiar for these movies. Maybe Snyder wants to communicate that the guy in the previous shot was indeed Jason Momoa (popularly known as Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones, leader of the Dothraki,  a race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors). Or maybe there will be an introduction of the variant Wild West Batman. Lol.

Moving on…

Death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, driving him to become the caped crusader.

It was my wife who noticed this. They arranged the sequence to show Bruce, and then Diana, making it seem like Diana is looking back at Bruce. BxD fans rejoice! (Wasn’t a fan of Superman x Wonder Woman in New 52).

Wonder Woman in fighting stance, and using the Bracelets of Submission to defend herself.

Wondering about the crashed vehicle in the background that looks like a broken pod.

LexCorp, Lex and his kryptonite. We can assume Batman somehow gets a hold of this material as it’s the only way he can stand a chance against Superman.

Batman vs Superman in the roof
Superman getting his ass kicked but with his cape still properly laid down.

Now, the BEST PART.

And the second best part…

“We’ve done stuff in Man of Steel to launch this conflict. We put Gotham and Metropolis right next to each other. It makes sense for us in our story that they’re kind of sister cities across a big bay, like Oakland and San Francisco.” – Zack Snyder

The confrontation.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released in the US March 25, 2016. More finger crossing that we get it earlier! To learn more, go to the official site.