We weren’t able to discuss this immediately but aside from the three (3) basic posted guidelines (experiential, honest feedback, fun!), there are a few more guidelines in terms of language and style that you should keep in mind when writing your articles.

Write for fellow geeks all over the world

Although Geeks.PH has the PH domain, we should not be limiting ourselves to the Filipino audience only. Let’s cast a wider net and aim for a global audience for our content. Don’t sell yourself short! Make sure that your article is relatable so please write it in English without resorting to the use of jargon or memes that only Filipinos or Philippine residents would understand.

Building our “street cred” – becoming a trusted source on all things geek

We would like to believe that our honest, fun and experiential approach to writing about all things geek will be our competitive edge over all other similar sites. Let’s keep it classy. And write with a purpose. We should write our articles with the intent to share information that may prove useful or helpful to the readers in their daily lives, i.e. when they decide what gadgets to buy, travel tips, etc.

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